Wake up.

I think I need to check this game out once I’ve knocked a few off of my backlog.

Verrrrry nice. Though I’ll have to dust off my That Guy hat and say that I can’t help but think of the mismatch in aesthetic between 1983-1988 text graphics and early-mid 90s illbient soundtrack.

Yes, I said illbient. It’s been a long time, right?

The other tracks in the game are all “chiptunes” / more “traditionnal” 8-bit sounding, see https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL58FE860E5568C437 — although i believe this track was written with a tracker too, but maybe all tracks weren’t written with Amiga trackers. :) Anyway, about the genre of this track, i wouldn’t say much about it, it may just be fitting a particular scene. (i played it without headphones, for once i didn’t had headphones on my head, and so i didn’t pay as much attention as usual to the music… so i don’t remember the track from the game, the moment it played. And it’s maybe because it’s not an “usual” chiptune track that it’s the one prefer. But that wasn’t the topic. ANYWAY. GO PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU HAVEN’T YET.)